Capital Region Technology & Computer Support



Discuss any problems or implementations then negotiate payment based on the result to be achieved.

In many cases a computer that no longer works and cannot be repaired can still have some or all the data retrieved and installed into another computer.

There are various ways of reducing the possibility of data loss and computer down time. Redundant hard disks and regular back ups are recommended for any computer where preservation of data is critical.

In many areas where the mains power experiences a black out or brown out data may be lost or corrupted. A UPS can reduce this risk. A UPS that is installed should be tested on a regular basis to ensure it does work when needed.

Assistance can be provided for updating hardware and software and assistance can be given on how to best use the hardware and software you already have or other hardware or software is needed advice can be given on the different options available.

Assistance in getting your own web site and email server so that you can have and is available.